Shopper Marketing – Offer Optimization


A consumer goods & services client identified a pocket of growth in the frozen category via sides, and planned to launch two new products in this space from two separate brands in one national retailer.

To influence the placement of these frozen sides and support the national rollout, our client first needed to explore the retailer customer interest in a one-stop premium frozen sides door, understand what products consumers want to see in this door, and determine where it should be placed in the frozen aisle.

Using two interactive ‘build your own’ aisle exercises among shoppers of the partner retailer, we aimed to uncover what products belonged in this dedicated frozen sides door and where in the frozen aisle this door should be placed.

The research uncovered strong interest in a premium sides door at this retailer, providing prescriptive direction on the types of frozen sides that customers would like to see in this new door—benefiting the client, the category, and thus the partner retailer as well—and where this door should be placed in the frozen aisle. Using these results, the client was able to craft a buy-in strategy for its two new frozen sides products at this retailer.

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