Retaining Female Investors - Motivations, Realities and Aspirations


A financial advisory client believed that female investors were an underserved market and wanted to better understand their needs, challenges, expectations and reasons for choosing—or not choosing—a financial advisor.

We conducted a quant/qual methodology among women of various age groups and socio-economic classes using the client’s insight community to ask about their approach to savings and financial investments. Women were screened to determine their interest and availability for a one-hour, in-depth video interview. Fifteen women participated, sharing their impressions of working with a financial advisor and their approach to finance and investing and parsing the difference between saving and investing, among other topics.

The client was extremely satisfied with the depth of information provided in the interviews, which revealed the communication methods and channels that would best reach their target audience regarding their products and services. Deliverables included a sizzle reel of video highlights shared throughout the enterprise in order to underscore the importance of focus and approach. The client plans to use the information as a catalyst for further research into women and investing.

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