Pop-up Panel Communities Ready in Just 14 Days

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Capture valuable feedback with a pop-up panel community ready in just 14 days

We know it’s not business as usual. The weeks and months ahead are steeped in uncertainty.

That said, our own tracking shows that now, more than ever, consumers want to have their voices heard and are ready to help when it comes to shaping brand activity in the post-crisis recovery.

To help, the teams at Maru/Matchbox have developed new efficiencies to deliver a branded Panel Community in just 14 days so you can connect with your customers faster than ever before.

With the same Panel Community functionality and access to Maru/Matchbox’s entire range of System 1 and System 2 tools, these Pop-up Panel Communities are ideal for key business challenges, including:

1. Developing and testing essential communications and concepts

2. Tracking changing behaviors, emotions and attitudes to adapt strategies as necessary

3. Understanding how to succeed post-lockdown and gain a competitive advantage over others

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