People's Perceptions of Precision Medicine: Optimistic But Curious

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Precision medicine is poised to revolutionize healthcare. The old approach of providing the best treatment, on average, will give way to providing the optimal treatment for an individual. Patients, providers, payers and life sciences companies will all see their worlds upended, as the game for everyone involved will change.

Precision medicine is an emerging healthcare approach based on the customization of disease treatment, prevention, and research, that considers individual variability in environment, lifestyle, and genes. While still in its infancy, it presents such a paradigm shift, that it is essential to evaluate its potential impact and implications.

That’s why, as part of our ongoing investigations into innovation in healthcare, we surveyed over a thousand Americans about their interest in various precision medicine offers and their willingness to share the personal data necessary to allow for this treatment.

In this whitepaper we share our findings.

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