Micro Moments


A major technology client wanted to better understand the defining moments in a variety of event-based categories. They needed to discover, by digging into the common threads and defining moments across experience areas, how an event can be elevated from standard to amazing.

Target consumers within music and a variety of sports interests were invited to brainstorm and discuss their experiences and ideas on how to create events that stood above the standard. A 2.5-hour journey and experience map session was conducted. This session included a variety of techniques including mind mapping and diving into experience pillars and archetypes.

As a result of intimately understanding the experience, the client was able to construct an experience map that incorporated the elements of an amazing experience, including recommended touchpoint changes and aspirational emotions. The client was able to create experiences that were surprising and delightful as a result of knowing what consumers were feeling, thinking and doing at every moment of the event.

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