Improving Internal and External Brand Perception for YODEL


Yodel needed a way of driving new business growth in a competitive logistics marketplace and, following a strategic business review in 2013, decided to put the customer at the heart of operations and differentiate through an excellent customer experience.

Yodel partnered with Maru/Matchbox to develop the industry’s first customer experience program capturing real-time feedback from customers.

Integrated video capture brings the customer experience to life for Yodel executives with richer, deeper, more contextualized insight that empowers confident decision-making, while business-wide dashboards allow all staff to monitor performance and operational measurements in real-time.

Yodel’s award-winning program has driven a cultural revolution and supported tangible business growth. Insight has revealed key drivers of great delivery experiences and is now used daily to drive operational efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Yodel’s program generates over 2 million responses annually, three-quarters of which are collected on a smartphone device.

Make informed, impactful business decisions that move people into action