Maru/Matchbox Qualitative Center of Excellence Deepens Expertise In Digital Field Management, Shopper, and Retail / Technology

November 3, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – (November 3, 2017) – Maru/Matchbox’s Qualitative Center of Excellence has deepened expertise across the qualitative research process with the hire of three industry veterans. These new appointments bring subject matter expertise and experience to further support our investment in the growth of qualitative research to better meet clients’ research needs.

Chris Gray, Psy.D has joined as Vice President, Qualitative Insights. Chris is based in the company’s Chicago office. Chris began his career as a clinical psychologist, but quickly moved into the research space. Chris has drawn on an insatiable curiosity, as well as his background as a researcher, strategic thinker, and psychologist, to understand consumers and the factors affecting their purchase decisions and behaviors. He has a strong track record of helping clients generate breakthrough ideas and strategies, and has extensive experience and demonstrated thought leadership in consumer psychology and shopper behavior.

Maria Hom has joined as Research Director, Qualitative Insights. Maria is based in Matchbox’s San Francisco office, where she will be focused on delivering qualitative excellence to Retail and Technology clients serviced by that office. Maria has over 20 years of experience in qualitative research – she began her career client-side with product management and marketing roles. She also ran her own company as a consultant for many years. Maria has a B.S. in Business, and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Rosie Barraza has joined as Field Manager, Qualitative Insights. Rosie is also based in Matchbox’s San Francisco office, though she will oversee Field Management for all qualitative project work executed by the Center of Excellence. Rosie has extensive experience managing the recruiting and execution of qualitative research. She began her career as a bilingual (English & Spanish) telephone interviewer, and grew through hands-on experience as a supervisor and a project coordinator. Her research background comes from working on high-clearance HIPPA-compliant projects, and she brings experience in survey testing, sample developing strategies, recruiting hard-to-reach populations, data security and best practices, and training, supervision and monitoring for outstanding respondent communication. Rosie is a San Francisco native, with a BA in Sociology.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Chris, Maria, and Rosie to the Center of Excellence. Each brings a wealth of experience delivering excellent results. This growth represents our continued commitment to meeting the specific needs of our clients across industry vertical,” said Tommy Stinson, Managing Director, Qualitative Insights.

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