Market CommunitiesThere's no shortage of data today. What's harder to find is quality data

market communities

At Maru/Blue, they’re obsessed with sample quality.

Their market communities are made up of deeply engaged, well-curated respondents who provide feedback on an as-needed basis. Quality responses produce actionable insights you can count on, enabling you to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

ESOMAR 28 questions to help research buyers of online sample

The primary goal of the ESOMAR 28 Questions is to increase transparency and raise awareness of the key issues for researchers to consider when deciding whether an online sampling approach is fit for their purpose.

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Online Communities

Our sister company, Maru/Blue, provides you with access to sample of the highest quality, with known respondents from the industry’s most reputable online sample – Springboard America (U.S.) and Maru Voice Canada.

Market Communities Worldwide

Our reach spans the globe, delivering the best samples available and the support to ensure you get the most from your data.

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Global Reach Map Market Communities

The Future of Feedback: Consumer Interest in New Ways of Doing Research


Mosaic screening

Looking to target a niche market? We collaborate with clients to screen respondents as needed, based on variables that include personal attributes, attitudes and brand consumption, so you get exactly the people you want — at no extra cost.

Accurate results

We’ve accurately predicted more U.S. election results than any other online sample source, according to a ranking by famed forecaster Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website.

Engaged members

We target the audience you need to engage — the most critical, hard-to-reach customer segments. Our community members deliver high response rates and our results are reliable and reproducible

Seamless integration with your insight community

Insight Community clients can invite Market Community members into their studies, allowing for real-time reporting and study management.

Strategic pre-profiling

We customize your profiling so you can engage a specific audience. Know who your respondents are, fully and transparently.

Insight library development

Each study builds a repository of insights that’s always accessible and searchable, allowing you to instantly review past results — and bring prior learnings into new studies without reasking the question.

Rapid Response

We provide overnight 24-hour Omnibus services, assisted-serve research services, field and tabulation, and sample access to meet your rapid research needs.