Welcome to the Community: Data Quality You Can Act on

One thing’s for sure – there’s no shortage of data today. What’s in limited supply is quality data. But while unconnected, unengaged and unreliable respondents can lead to bad decisions – engaged, well-curated respondents result in market intelligence that contributes to your next big success.

At Maru/Matchbox, we’re all about sample quality. Our market communities, Springboard America and Angus Reid Forum, are comprised of qualified, engaged and diverse members. We validate their reliability by obtaining repeatable, reproducible results across our market communities. We yield quality responses – and actionable insights you can count on.

That’s why US election polls using our Springboard America sample were rated as the most accurate online sample source, according to famed forecaster Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website.

With our extensive sample knowledge and leading research on research, we deliver the best sample available – and have been rated as such. Our clients include insights and market research professionals, planning directors, strategists, public relations managers – anyone seeking deeper insight into global consumer or B2B markets.

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Five Ways Maru/Matchbox Market Communities Illuminate

1. Expert Support

We provide overnight 24-hour Omnibus services, assisted-serve research services, field and tabulation, and sample access for your research solution.

2. Engaged Respondents

We target the audience you need to engage – the most critical hard-to-reach customer segments. Our community members deliver high response rates and our results are reliable and reproducible.

3. Expert Pre-Profiling

We customize your profiling so you can engage a specific audience. Know who your respondents are, fully and transparently.

4. Feedback from the Broader Market

Each study builds a repository of insights that’s always accessible and searchable, allowing you to instantly review past learnings – and peer ahead to anticipate trends before they happen.

5. Seamless Integration with Your Insight Community

Insight Community clients can invite Market Community members into their communities, allowing for real-time reporting and study management.

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Maybe your organization already relies on a Maru/Matchbox insight community to understand your stakeholders. Or maybe you need an insight community alternative that’s flexible, but there when you need it. Our consumer and business market communities let you hear the voices you must understand in order to act decisively in the marketplace.