Live Chat Tops Customer Service League Table Thanks to High Satisfaction and Low Customer Effort

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Consumers rated live chat highest compared to any other customer service touch point according to the latest Customer Service Benchmark results from Maru/Matchbox.

The benchmark found that live chat is rated much higher than other digital touch points, such as email, phone or social media. Of the 2,000 consumers surveyed, almost a third (31%) are currently using live chat; 73% of which rated their satisfaction with the channel high, while 67% said that they found live chat easy to use.

Live chat offers customers the ability to chat to a brand representative in real-time without the hassle of long delays, automated systems or dreaded ‘hold’ music. One third (37%) of those surveyed now expect to be able to contact a brand by live chat – up from 30% in 2014. Given the nature of the platform and the ability for consumers to reach a representative quickly and for free, it’s not surprising that the amount of consumers expecting live chat to be available is increasing.

When it comes to customer service channels satisfaction and effort are linked. Further analysis reveals that customer service touch points rated low for satisfaction also scored poorly for ease of use. Less than half of consumers (45%) said they were satisfied with phone as a touch point, with only 26% of which found this method easy to use. Similarly, half (53%) of social media users are satisfied with their experience but only 54% found this method effort free.

Derek Eccleston, Global Commercial Officer at eDigitalResearch, “The latest Customer Service Benchmark results suggest that the easier a company makes it for a customer to contact them, the more satisfied they are likely to be. Brands who are managing their live chat well are making live chat easy to find on their website, clearly signalling to users when their customer service team are available and how long they may have to wait, as well as allowing them to talk openly and honestly about their issues, queries or complaints”.

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