Insight CommunitiesTurn your customers into trusted advisors

Confident decisions

What’s an insight community?

Imagine inviting your customers out for a coffee and asking what’s on their minds. The insights you gain from rich, two-way dialogue have the potential to fuel your success. Insight communities offer ongoing, real-time conversations with your most important stakeholders.

Find out what your market wants in real-time

We understood the potential of insight communities back in 2000, when we introduced them as a new way to gather deep, customer-focused insights.

Our communities have since become the industry standard for delivering cost-effective customer intelligence in real time.

Many of the communities we established more than a decade ago are still active, a testament to the commitment and depth of engagement that characterize our community members.

The most comprehensive customer intelligence solution available

  • Ongoing engagement with known community members
  • Quantitative and qualitative exchanges
  • Quantitative and qualitative data capture
  • Clear, direct influence on strategic decision-making
  • Data visualization tools

The outcome

Better products

High-quality feedback about your product, right from your customers.

Better customer service

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors and fans.

Confident decisions

No more guesswork. Just smart, informed decision-making.