Insight Communities to light your way

Leading brands rely on Maru/Matchbox communities to reveal insights into their most engaged stakeholders – the customers, employees, partners, members and donors whose voices you must hear and understand in order to act decisively in the marketplace.

Ever since Maru/Matchbox (as the research arm of Vision Critical) introduced insight communities in 2000, our communities have become the industry standard for delivering cost-effective customer intelligence in real-time.

While many community solutions available today are either small and qualitative-focused or large and purely quantitative – ours are both robust and targeted. So you acquire multidimensional customer insights.

Five Ways Maru/Matchbox Insight Communities Illuminate

1. Connect with the people that matter

Our communities are comprised of your most trusted stakeholders – your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni. So you access insights from the people you simply must get to know.

2. Engage in ongoing conversations

A community allows you to have an instant and evolving discussion with your customers – as if you’re inviting them out for a coffee and can ask them what’s on their minds.

3. Create a valuable history

Communities enable longitudinal learning, allowing you to ask a question once and use that information over and over in subsequent studies. This means your stakeholders are only asked relevant questions – which elevates the quality of the conversation – and tracks changes in your customers’ hearts and minds over time.

4. Build an insight library

With each study you build a repository of insights that’s always accessible and searchable. This allows you to instantly review past learnings –so that you can peer into the future to anticipate trends before they happen.

5. Gain deeper understanding

Employ innovative qualitative and quantitative techniques – and combine them in ways that reveal both the what and the why of your stakeholders’ thoughts and actions.

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Maru/Matchbox’s communities are powered by our deep sector expertise and consultative approach. Explore our industries section to learn about how our researchers apply deep experience in designing, building, and using insight communities to illuminate your path ahead.