The line between banking and FinTech has blurred, increasing competition and providing financial institutions with new opportunities to serve customers even better.

FinTech has gone mainstream by redefining how consumers interact with their money – whether in payments, money transfers, lending or investments – and offering enhanced convenience, transparency and even a better customer experience. Companies like Venmo, Betterment and Square are now household names, and tech giants like Apple and Google have driven the “Uberization” of payments.

How can you be ready for what the market brings – and your customers demand?

At Maru/Matchbox we understand from years of experience that attaining success today means simultaneously surmounting challenges on multiple fronts – by delivering improved products and services, and creative partnerships.

Unifying deep sector expertise with cloud-based customer insights communities, Maru/Matchbox takes a results-focused, consultative approach to helping clients better understand what motivates their customers and influences their markets. So you can act decisively and win.