Careers at Maru/Matchbox

Careers at Maru/Matchbox

Relationships matter

At Maru/Matchbox, we cherish the relationships that drive our work, not only our clients and community partners, but also our colleagues who strive to make a difference everyday. We empower our people to be the best they can be so they can grow their careers, achieve their aspirations, and thrive. We offer a dynamic, high-performance and inclusive workplace that is committed to deliver both results and speed in our work.

What our colleagues are saying

"There's a real element of personality here, and you're always welcome to suggest something new that could be a better way. People will give your idea consideration, no matter who you are."
- Sean Campbell, Research Director, Technology (San Francisco)

“My experience working at Maru/Matchbox has been totally positive. The company has a strong focus on teamwork, collaboration, and fun - this is truly one of the best companies I have ever worked at.”
- John Moralde, Project Manager, Operations (Toronto)

“Having worked at some of the bigger global research firms in the industry, it’s refreshing to see how nimble an organization Maru/Matchbox is – something which is undoubtedly driven by technology being in our DNA.”
- Joe Corace, Director, Client Development, Sales, Consumer Insights (Chicago)

“The Maru/Matchbox team strikes a great balance between working independently and collaboratively. We challenge each other to provide the best thinking regardless of job title. Bottom line, it’s just a great work environment.”
- Lucas Melbye, Vice President, Research, Public Affairs (Toronto)

“Matchbox is a great company to work for with lots of opportunities for growth and an awesome culture. I really enjoy being part of a strategic and collaborative team that strives to deliver the best outputs with every project, every day.”
- Audra Priluck, Vice President, Media & Entertainment, Sales (Los Angeles)

"Maru/Matchbox is a great place for ambitious and creative minds to apply the skills and knowledge they possess and thrive in a positive working environment. It’s very rewarding to be a part of an organization that empowers us to contribute meaningfully as well as helps grow and develop our skills."
- Ryan Horne, Panel Manager, Market Communities (Vancouver)