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We’re a different breed of global insight partner, built on proprietary technology that enables our sector experts to connect with the people that matter most

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Today’s global economy and culture are defined by increasing levels of connection. Connections build network effects—both online and offline—and create value for companies and their customers. Half the world’s population is connected digitally with a smartphone. Each day, more people use Facebook and Google services than live in China, India and the U.S. combined. And increasingly, people seek emotional connection as they try to find meaning in a rapidly changing world.

Winning companies know this—and they know how to deliver on it. But companies fail when they don’t know how to build connections.

The best organizations meet this challenge head-on: they use technology to deliver insights;  they are sector experts; and they connect with their customers.

They rely on global partners who can help them build connection with their customers, synthesize different perspectives and sources of data, and go deep as well as fast.

We exist to help great organizations spark better connections

We’re a different breed of global insight partner, built on proprietary technology that enables our experts to connect with the people that matter most to our clients

Technology Enabled

Our research capabilities are deeply rooted in our proprietary Maru/HUB platform, which powers our research worldwide. HUB allows multiple data streams to be integrated into a single ecosystem, facilitating the real-time analysis of behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information to deliver insights at speed.

The modular architecture allows our teams to constantly innovate, expanding our toolkit without impacting performance and enabling us to quickly respond to the changing needs of the market. HUB is designed to allow users to intuitively and rapidly access the information they need while keeping security and compliance in mind. HUB is fully scalable, processing 10s of millions of surveys per year.

Sector Expertise

Sometimes data and market intelligence tell only part of the story. Our clients are sector experts, and our teams are too, making us uniquely positioned to understand the nuances and challenges our clients face. Our global research and consulting teams draw on their extensive experience partnering with global organizations to drive brands forward and provide cutting-edge solutions.

Our approach is loaded with iterative learning that drives smarter thinking and better outcomes, reflecting our interest as both researchers and stakeholders in empowering our clients with insights that build meaningful connections with their customers. To this end, we present our clients with the best teams and with the specific expertise needed to ensure the success of their endeavor.

Customer Connectors

What customers don’t tell you can hurt you. Customers have a difficult time understanding, let alone communicating, their emotional process. Uniquely positioned at the intersection between behavior and emotion, we help organizations better understand customers holistically: not just how they think attitudinally, but, more importantly, how they feel, behave and think. By capturing emotion through visual and implicit techniques, we uncover why and how customers connect emotionally and subconsciously with our clients’ brands, products and services.

We start by utilizing passive System 1 tools to understand the strength and influence of subconscious connections – capturing the emotions that overwhelm the human decision-making process. We then layer on choice-based methodologies to replicate how consumers truly behave when faced with decisions. Our approaches are deeply rooted in the wealth of behavioral science work that consumers Feel then Behave and lastly Think. By evaluating research issues through both System 1 and System 2 lenses we provide a connected and holistic view of consumer response.

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