Understanding an Era of Massive Change in the Financial Investment Industry

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“In most eras, and in most industries, massive change occurs at a measured pace that is more gradual than most prognosticators predict. For the world of investing, though, the stage is set for a convergence of technology, legislation, and the predilections of America’s largest generation to reshape investing norms quickly.”[1]


Imagine you’re on a quest. You know what your destination is, but the landscape keeps changing around you. Mountains suddenly emerge, as do yawning chasms and impassable rapids. But there are new openings too. Rivers that speed you to your destination and deserts that are suddenly fertile.

This is just the kind of quest the investment industry is on. Change is coming fast and furious. What used to be reliably profitable is suddenly being undercut by low cost competition. And what was formerly a pure professional services play, has become more scalable, creating profitability opportunities.

But the quest is a bewildering one. If you focus on what is directly in front of you, you’ll pivot only to find that the landscape has changed yet again.

That’s why we developed MoneyScreen. MoneyScreen benchmarks and tracks innovation across all aspects of the industry and provides access to well profiled consumers for on-going concept development and testing. We evaluated 10 personal finance management platforms with thousands of U.S. investors of all ages and affluence levels.

The mix of platforms was designed to include a broad spectrum of personal finance management platforms. We included brands like Mint and EveryDollar, and robo-platforms that are designed for younger and novice investors like Acorn and GoldBean. Online advisor platforms like FutureAdvisor and Openfolio were also part of the mix, as were larger and more sophisticated mainstays like Wealthfront and Betterment.

Download our whitepaper, Robo-Advisors vs. Human Wealth Managers: Young(er) Investors Hold the Answer for the keys findings.

Download the Whitepaper

To learn even more, engage with our team who are pioneers in mapping the ever changing financial services landscape and hear about the trends and stories that we are uncovering. Just contact sales@marumatchbox.com to arrange a meeting.



[1] How Millennnials Will Change the Face of Finance & Investing, Chance Barnett, Forbes, Sept 2016

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