Three Ways to Improve Your Digital Customer Experience in 2019

improve digital customer experience
Results and Insight from Maru/edr’s Retail Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report

A great customer experience – including digital interactions – is a major driver of customer loyalty and on-going revenue.

Maru/edr insight reveals that retail sites who are regarded better by users than their rivals enjoy much higher brand advocacy and future loyalty than those who score poorly with users.

It’s why creating a compelling digital customer is so key to retail success in 2019.

Despite a fall in online basket values at the end of 2019, internet retail sales equated to 21.5% of all UK retail purchases in December 2018. And with smartphone spend expected to exceed £25 billion over the next twelve months, a seamless and compelling digital customer experience has never been so important.

Retail Digital Experience Benchmark 2019

The latest Maru/edr Retail Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report from uncovers digital best practice for 2019.

Using independent digital shoppers to assess the end-to-end experience of online retail customer journey we’re able to identify what makes a compelling digital customer experience – and more importantly, where and how retailers can improve.

This year, the results uncover three fundamental core areas where focus is needed – and with the right action and development, can enhance the customer experience and grow digital conversion.

1. Product Pages

Product pages are key in site conversion yet are rated as one of the lowest performing areas of the digital customer journey.

It signals a huge opportunity to differentiate in a competitive online environment and delight users.

Results show that users are not satisfied with the quality and quantity of both product images and reviews currently on offer from some retailers. It creates a barrier to buying from the page and it directly hampering conversion levels.

Shoppers are looking for product pages that equip them with the right information shared in the right way that drives their confidence in the product or retailer.

2. Shopping Basket

Leading retailer sites are getting the basic functionality of shopping baskets right.

Shoppers across the board rated the ability to amend their basked details – including removing products altogether – highly.

But retailers must drastically improve both the clarity and detail of information available in baskets if they are to minimise frustrations in this area.

Shoppers complained that, too often, sites fail to display stock information, payment options and delivery timescales in a way that allowed them to make an informed purchase decision.

3. Customer Service

Retailers must look beyond single digital transactions and instead consider the lifetime value of customers.

Customer service represents perhaps the biggest opportunity to differentiate and drive loner-term loyalty.

Insight reveals that traditional channels – such as phone and email – are no longer key for customers in online service touchpoints, such as live chat, are executed effectively.

In fact, digital service channels actually outperform traditional touchpoints where available. For example, New Look’s social media contact scored an impressive 11% higher than their email contact.

Results and Insight from Maru/edr’s Retail Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report
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