Testing New Product Ideas Should be Quick and Easy

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
– Samuel Beckett, Irish playwright

What passes for an innovation process at most companies involves a throttling of ideas while they are still fledgling. Naysayers and devil’s advocates are too often ready to shoot down anything that might be “different”.

Why? Because developing a product and bringing it to market is an expensive proposition. Not to mention 85% of consumer products that make it to launch are taken out of the market within two years, according to Nielsen.

There is great risk in failed products. But the biggest risk is failing to identify breakthrough ideas.

We believe in Beckett’s vision of trying and trying again, and again. We believe that all ideas should have their moment in front of the ultimate judge: the consumer. That’s why we developed Idea Filter, a system for quickly and efficiently testing new ideas or concepts early in the development process.

With Idea Filter you can test a new product idea in less than a minute, and come to the same decisions you would with a lengthier traditional concept test. The key to Idea Filter’s success is its ultra-refined approach to asking for consumer’s reactions. Rather than using lengthy scales that consumers find time consuming (and often confusing), we simply ask people to select the statements that describe how they feel about the idea.

Simple phrases like “I like it” replace overwrought questions like “Which statement best describes how much you like or dislike this product? Like extremely, Like very well, Like quite well, Like somewhat, Like slightly, Not like at all.” If you just want to know if an idea is worth pursuing, do you really need to know what percentage of people like it “somewhat” vs “slightly”?

In the early days of evaluating new innovations you probably just need to know if people think “it’s new and different” rather than whether it is “somewhat new and different” or “slightly new and different”. Questions need to fit their purpose. In the early stage of idea testing such nuance is unhelpful.

We developed Idea Filter after extensive research on research. Idea Filter can provide you with a testing solution that is efficient, sensitive and that leads you to the same decision as more time consuming and expensive traditional concept tests.

To learn more, read our blog post, Idea Filter: Evidence of a Sensitive and Easy to Answer Approach to Idea and Concept Testing.

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