Todd Trautz

Todd Trautz

Chief Innovation & Solutions Officer

For the past 17 years Todd has developed relationships and insight products across categories such as media, B2B, CPG, financial services, advertising and marketing. Most recently as a Partner at Hall & Partners he was the lead methodologist for H&P’s digital and big data innovation. He also was a Partner for the Modellers advanced analytics division of H&P tasked with developing analytical solutions for clients.

With an expansive methodical repertoire specializing in choice based multivariate techniques and advanced analytics such as DCM, Max Diff, SEM, regression models, segmentations and media mix models.

Todd is passionately committed to bring consumer insights to life so that they are clearly understood and acted upon, leading to positive business results. He specializes in making the complex simple.

He holds a Juris Doctorate from Western New England School of Law and a Bachelor of Science from Fairfield University.