People are the core of Maru/Matchbox. Their expertise in technology and commitment to premium service, consultative leadership, and creative research design is how we deliver fast and strategic insight to our clients.
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"There's an added element of personality here. There's a certain way to do something, but you're always welcome to suggest something new that could be a better way. You'll rarely get shot down; people will actually give your idea consideration, no matter who you are."
- Sean Campbell

Like a Fine Wine

We’re aged 22 to 61 years, with a 34 year average

Full House

250+ employees with a total of 69 kids, 54 dogs, 20 cats, 10 fish, 4 reptiles, 4 rodents, 2 birds, 1 horse, and 1 serpent


Half of our talent (50%) speaks 2 or more languages


Collectively, we’ve visited 64% of the world’s countries.

If you work in the Kingdom of Tonga, we’ve never been; we’ll work for a visit!

Thumb Workouts

iPhone ownership (71%) dominates, while Android is the runner up (28%). One lone person (1%) hasn’t given up on BlackBerry

Cool Factor

We may be young but over half (55%) of our talent are aware of Hall & Oates (even before our in-house Hall & Oates enthusiast began pushing his musical agenda).