Qualitative Research

qualitative research

Answer complex questions and develop human-centered strategies

Qualitative Center of Excellence

Maru/Matchbox’s Qualitative Center of Excellence combines cultural analysis, sector expertise, and digital and in-person qualitative research to deliver resonant stories and informed recommendations that improve performance of our clients’ products, services, and brands.

We know how to use qualitative research to answer strategic questions.

Our Qualitative Center of Excellence is led by senior specialists with decades of strategic market research experience, both client-side and supplier-side. With deep legacies in in-person qualitative research and a passion for innovation, we bring the most appropriate tool to answer our clients’ strategic questions.

We are passionate about culture as a way to deepen our understanding.

We believe that culture puts data in context. Our practitioners use frameworks from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and related fields to more deeply understand category shifts, changes in consumer behavior and brand relationships. When we understand the changing conversation affecting our clients, we can better develop strategies to strengthen our clients’ businesses.

We live in our clients’ sectors and understand industry-specific challenges.

The Center of Excellence leads have deep sector expertise. This means we get to the heart of the question quicker, and then design informed research approaches to build on what we already know.

We strive to help our clients see the world differently. In turn, clients are empowered and inspired to innovate and connect with their audience in new ways that drive their business forward.

Customer Story: Global Beverages Client

A global beverages client hoped to launch a ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverage in Latin America. But they didn’t understand the market or the cultural importance of coffee in the most important countries. Would consumers “buy” it? Where should the product be placed? Which occasions were most important?

We conducted cultural analysis, immersive qualitative research, and semiotic decoding of the coffee category to understand the history, current consumption behaviors, and openness to a refrigerated, sweet RTD coffee.

The client used insights and cultural understanding to identify a product design and innovation strategy to engage the market. Flavors, occasions, retail partners, and marketing were all influenced by an understanding of consumer behavior and cultural context.

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