How You Use Your Smartphone Influences Provider Selection and Purchase Behavior

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On the subway. In the elevator. On the street. People are doing it everywhere: 52 times a day, in fact.

Smartphones get used a lot. The average user will tap, swipe, and click their smartphone over 1,320,000 times a year and spend almost three hours a day doing it. They get used so much that four in ten reports they use their smartphone “too much”, and nearly two-thirds are trying to reduce their usage, according to Deloitte.

But what are they doing on their smartphones that is so engaging?

It turns out different people use smartphones for different reasons. We used our proprietary real-time research tool to survey smartphone users from our insight communities and discovered five distinct types of smartphone users. They vary not only in how they use their smartphones, but also in their interest in switching telecom providers and obtaining new smartphones.

The 5 Smartphone User Personas

1. Smartphone Lovers

These savvy smartphone users are very attached to their smartphones. They use it for just about everything: browsing, banking, buying, gaming, social media and more. You name it, Smartphone Lovers do it on their smartphone.

  • Three-quarters of them admit they’d be “lost” without their smartphone.
  • Most expect to get a new smartphone in the next year.
  • Three quarters are thinking about switching providers in the next year.
  • Smartphone Lovers tend to report they know more about 5G, and they tend to skew younger and female.
  • Approximately three in ten smartphone users are Smartphone Lovers.

2. Media Consumers

These media junkies use their smartphones to stream music, videos and even long-form content. But they are unlikely to use their smartphone to shop, bank or post to social media.

  • Three quarters expect to get a new smartphone this year.
  • Two-thirds are thinking about switching providers, even though they tend to be fairly satisfied with them.
  • Approximately one in eight smartphone users are Media Consumers.

3. Gamers and Surfers

This segment uses smartphones relatively selectively. Very few use their smartphones for buying, banking, streaming video or music or uploading to social media. Instead, they tend to use their smartphones to surf the internet, look at social media and play games (both downloaded and online).

  • Six in ten are thinking about changing smartphone providers.
  • Half are expecting to get a new smartphone in the next year.
  • There is no gender difference, but Gamers and Surfers tend to skew a little older.
  • One in five smartphone users falls into the Gamer and Surfer category.

4. Shopping and Social

As the name suggests, these users tend to use their smartphone for shopping, banking and both viewing and uploading to social media. They tend not to watch content, stream music or videos, and they don’t use their smartphone to watch TV.

  • They are least likely to be thinking about switching providers next year
  • Half are thinking about getting a new smartphone.
  • Roughly one in six smartphone users are Shopping and Social.

5. Talk and Text

These users are smartphone minimalists. They do almost nothing online, with just three in ten browsing the internet from their smartphones. They are least likely to agree that they’d be “lost” without their smartphone—probably because they don’t use a navigation app.

  • Half are thinking about changing providers.
  • Three in ten are considering getting a new smartphone.
  • They tend to skew older and male.
  • One in five smartphone users is just about Talk and Text.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

This user segmentation model makes it clear just how varied smartphone use is. There are different strokes for different folks.

The links between how people use their smartphone and their interest in getting a new smartphone and switching providers indicate opportunities to target the right person with the right offer.

We use a variety of consumer research methods to help learn more about the habits of our community. To learn more about how we can help you identify and capitalize on these opportunities contact us.

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