Women's Health Patient Segmentation


A pharmaceutical client was in late-stage clinical trials and needed to segment sufferers of a previously unknown female health condition to inform targeted messaging. Specifically, there was a need to identify, quantify and profile high-value segments for the product, as well as conduct an exploration of segment media usage.

Given the condition’s relative unfamiliarity, patients were identified via symptoms, and a prevalence study was conducted to determine market sizing and opportunity. Once the prevalence study was confirmed, a quantitative segmentation was conducted online, resulting in five distinct segments ranging from low- to high-value.

High-value segments for prioritization in the forthcoming patient campaign were identified, with detailed profiles and optimal messaging ‘hooks’. Research results concluded that messaging needed to be emotionally focused, given the subject matter. Further, given the condition’s low profile, an initial disease state educational campaign was proposed. Insights from the following media study provided critical direction on how to reach these patient targets.

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