Tumultuous Times: A Quick Service Restaurant Insights Menu for Surviving and Thriving

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In the world of food, UberEATS, Grubhub, Just Eat, Chefs Plate, HelloFresh and Seamless are all disrupting the landscape. UberEATS, Seamless, Just Eat, and many more managed to get in between restaurants and their guests— forcing restaurants to give up margin, and grabbing valuable data about guests.

And that’s data they are only too happy to exploit for their benefit. Meal kit companies like Chefs Plate and HelloFresh are redefining the distinctions between groceries, prepared food and food delivery.

The question is, what’s coming next?

To help you survive and thrive in these challenging times we have developed a menu of tools you can use to innovate rapidly, communicate clearly and master digital disruption. Bon appétit!

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