Text Analytics


A financial services client needed to understand what common themes were present in customer complaint data, so action could be prioritized to reduce future complaints at their call center.

Using the discovery tool within Text Analytics, we were able to group common themes into one; for example, “online services” and “phone call.” The tool enabled us to analyze the comments falling within each theme to fully understand the data and unlock the voice of the customer. To quantify the emerging themes, we used the classification element of the tool to create rules for each of the emerging themes, using a sample of verbatim comments to ensure each comment was classified correctly.

We identified the unique drivers of the greatest pain points, enabling clear action to achieve positive impact. Individual training plans were initiated for staff, driving change and improvement, along with internal process fixes for specific pain-points. This resulted in a £260,000 reduction in complaint compensation payouts over a nine-month period.

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