Survey Length and Data Quality: A Cautionary Tale

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Survey length matters much more than we would care to admit. A recent experience dramatically illustrates just how devastating an impact survey length can have on data quality. But this is not the first time research has demonstrated the negative effects of long surveys.

Writing a short survey is hard. But cutting to the point is not a new or unique problem. It does take more effort to be succinct. It is even more difficult when there are multiple stakeholders, all of whom “need” their questions. So how can we proceed?

Download this brief whitepaper to learn:

1. What years of research on research has revealed about the impact survey length has on data quality;

2. How these data quality problems can lead the information collected to misleading, rather than informative;

3. Strategies for trimming surveys to a manageable length.

Think back to some long surveys you have done in the past. How many of those findings were impacted by data quality problems, only you were unaware of it? It is a sobering question to ask.