Social Listening


A global brand wanted to identify more than just the volume (posts, shares, re-tweets) and the overall tone of the social conversation regarding a new product. The objective was to identify who was most likely to direct the conversation in the product category and to tailor the media campaign to the preferences of those individuals.

Using our Social Listening platform, we identified the Influencers in the product category and created an Insider Score for each Influencer. The Insider Score is a calculation of each person’s sphere and degree of influence within that topical community. Also, our platform was able to identify both the social and digital content that both the Influencers and the category users were most attuned to.

The brand was able to focus the digital campaign and messaging among the Influencer group within the channels that its members were already consuming.  By focusing on who was most influential, the brand leveraged their sphere of influence among the community to magnify the impact of the campaign.  Increasing share of voice about the product with a higher degree of impact for less media spend.

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