Segmenting an Emerging Category


While cannabis has recently been legalized (recreationally) in Canada, very little is known about its consumers because of the infancy of the category. A recreational cannabis client needed to understand the driving forces and segments in the category to form a foundation and design the 3-5 year corporate strategy.

Applying our segmentation modeling, we customized the first phase of quantitative discovery to uncover the true drivers behind why consumers participate in the category: to go beyond stated, rational responses in order to map a model of forces that really drive behaviors. This process revealed not just the forces, but several hypotheses which were then tested via a large quantitative study across North America.

The resulting segments were unique because they were driven by subconscious behaviors/emotions—not simple demographics or usage occasions. The model was well-accepted because the unique segments made it highly actionable as a key input to the three-year strategy for consumer segment targeting, portfolio and brand planning, and production and CapEx planning, as well as to sales and trade strategies.

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