Payments of the Future


A payments company was looking to assess and update the features and benefits offered to their co-brand partners and to provide expert competitive knowledge on the subject. They needed an insights partner that could provide access to large swaths of data quickly and cost-effectively to help them understand the landscape and contextualize relative performance.

Using our proprietary MoneyScreen solution, which benchmarks and tracks payment tool adoption and barriers across all aspects of the industry we launched a deep market landscape evaluation. It encompassed co-brand cards across verticals, highlighting innovative features and benefits. Users could flexibly compare cards within issuing bank’s portfolios and dive into their own cards’ performance.

The research allowed the client to understand which features and benefits should be included in ongoing research, with data to back up their decisions. Understanding the cumulative set of features available to customers, as they consider new cards helps issuers to step outside of their current framework to think creatively about what consumers value most – and what drives spend.

Make informed, impactful business decisions that move people into action