Payments of the Future


A financial services client needed to better understand the future of payments: what is needed, what is not, how will customers interact? They needed an insights partner that could approach the challenge with creativity, incorporate the ability to see the future, and think outside of the box.

Using our proprietary MoneyScreen solution, which benchmarks and tracks payment innovation across all aspects of the industry and provides access to well-profiled consumers for ongoing concept development and testing, we executed an ideation series. The series allowed us to pose a challenge to respondents to help generate ideas. Those ideas were then evaluated, and the ones worth moving forward with were identified. We also incorporated a qualitative discussion to refine, improve and enhance the best ideas. The final step was a selection process in which the revised ideas were presented for a final vote (gamification element).

The research identified the top 10 ideas about the future of payments. As a result of respondents being given a proper challenge and the identification of “creative influencers” in our Springboard America panel, ideas were creative, varied, and detailed.

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