On-Premise - Shopper Insights


A global beer manufacturer client needed to better understand the path-to-purchase process for both multi-cultural and non-multicultural purchasers during the holiday season. They needed to understand the emotional and practical triggers that shaped the types of beers and spirits purchased for get-togethers and other holiday parties.

A three-phased qualitative approach was designed to help triangulate emotional, rational and cultural triggers that lead to the purchase of beer and other spirits around the holidays. Beginning with an online creative lab, we dove deeply into the cultural and emotional context of holiday beer/spirit purchases. From there we conducted follow-up in-homes with shop-alongs.

The qualitative research uncovered the nostalgic ties that led to purchasing around the holidays. Almost all purchase triggers occurred before stepping foot in the store. Culturally, individuals purchased beers and spirits based on a myriad of factors, and in-store communications and messaging appeared to do nothing to sway consumer purchase. As a result, we recommended tapping into the nostalgic nature of purchasers’ pasts and the holidays prior to store shopping to garner buyer attention.

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