A major bank client needed a way to better develop and test direct mail offers—in terms of both cost efficiency and timeliness. They needed help not only in predicting which offers break through the clutter, but in incorporating qualitative color to enhance and better position each offer.

Ten product offers were tested using Mailbox—an interactive application that simulates how consumers sort through mail at home. Every aspect of a sorting experience is tracked to help predict which piece is most likely to break through the clutter, and every aspect of the offer, including any envelopes or inserts, is included in the analysis. Mirroring a traditional “Red Pen/Green Pen” qualitative exercise, our Virtual Highlighter provided a deeper understanding of key measures and why the offer may or may not work.

Since all 10 product offers had gone in to field, it was already understood how each piece had performed. In addition to better understanding the drivers and barriers of each piece, our relative performance index predicted both the Top 3 and Bottom 4 offers with 100% accuracy.

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