Refine, Improve, Break Through


A financial services client was launching a new credit card focused on students and millennials. The client needed to confirm, from among 10 possible creative designs, which direct mail should go in-flight to maximize product adoption and card positioning.

Leveraging our Mailbox solution, a 10-cell communication test was developed focused on assessing which creative would break through the clutter, which had the highest open rate, and which communicated the value proposition best. Each offer was evaluated on key metrics like appeal, need fulfillment, uniqueness, sign-up intent, etc. Quantitative and qualitative research techniques were employed to help explain the ‘why’ behind results.

The research identified the three most effective designs, which were recommended to the client. The selection was based on a performance index that included open rates, intent, and the ability to communicate the core value proposition (regression analysis included). The analysis provided in-depth commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of every piece and went a step further, providing enhancement opportunities for the three recommended winners.

Make informed, impactful business decisions that move people into action