Influencing Provider Selection and Purchase Behavior


A telecom client was looking for a better understanding of how different people use their mobile phones, so that they could ensure that their offers and messaging were reaching the right target.

Given that mobile phones can be used for such a wide variety of tasks—from watching movies to online banking—we segmented people based on the tasks they used their mobile devices to accomplish.  We found five very distinct types of users: Smartphone Lovers, who use it for just about everything–browsing, banking, buying, gaming, social media and more; Media Consumers, who use their smartphones to stream music, videos and long-form content; Gamers and Surfers, who only use their mobiles to surf the internet, look at social media and play games; Shopping and Social, who use their smartphone for shopping, banking and social media and Talk and Text, who are smartphone minimalists.

As a result of the research, campaigns were developed to target two of the groups: Media Consumers and Gamers and Surfers. The Media Consumer campaign featured people streaming entertainment anywhere and everywhere. It was linked to an unlimited data plan. The Gamer and Surfer campaign emphasized a new faster service and the joy of gaming. In both cases, sales of long term contracts of these offers increased.

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