From Brainstorm to Boardroom in 7 Days


Three days before the Super Bowl, a domestic airline client was weighing the decision to invest in an advertising campaign that would kick off during the big game the following year. Before making a final decision, the airline needed to understand perceptions of Super Bowl advertising with the intent of learning more about thoughts and feelings around Super Bowl advertising in general, as well as its fit for their brand.

The Monday after the Super Bowl, we reviewed Ad Age’s initial report of the “Top Ads” during the big game and launched an independent advertising evaluation of the most viral pieces of creative, aimed at identifying the specific elements that made those particular ads stand out from the crowd. Those creative elements were then further dissected to see which fit best with the brand.

Not surprisingly, “humor” and “entertainment” were the most influential creative elements of successful Super Bowl advertising. While these elements did fit well with the brand, and loyal customers did give the brand “permission” to play a part in the big game, it was identified that the investment be allocated to more influential mediums, such as improving certain aspects of the in-flight experience.

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