Driver Analysis


A large utility client was developing messaging for a campaign to encourage adoption of demand management practices, so that it could most effectively encourage uptake of the practices amongst consumers and small businesses. Specifically, there was a need to identify which attitudes and beliefs would encourage participation in the campaign and which ones would discourage uptake.

Following some exploratory qualitative research, and a review of the literature and other prior research, we developed a list of attitudes and beliefs that we hypothesized would predict interest in a demand management effort. In an online survey people indicated their level of agreement with each statement and reviewed a description of the program. Shapley Value Regression was used to identify those attitudes which were most strongly linked to interest in participating in the program.

The attitudes and beliefs that were most strongly linked to interest in participation informed message development and prioritization. The barriers to participation highlighted ideas to stay away from. Subsequent message testing, coupled with Mailbox testing, resulted in the development of a description of a program that had an uptake that exceeded management expectations by over 50%.

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