Cultural Measures of Trust


A global social media client saw worrying declines in stated trust of its content and its brand. This decline in trust had significant implications on revenue streams, the size and growth of the user base, and the consumption of content. Yet, they had no idea of what actually defined “trust” and how they could begin measuring and (hopefully) improving related measures.

A qualitative exploration of the dynamics of trust and best practices around measuring it led to the identification of 15 “attributes” that affect trust. Further quantitative validation of the attributes helped create a tool to capture a baseline measure of users’ perceptions of the company and its competitors.

The client was able to communicate this result directly to the CEO and implement a “trust tracker.” By identifying which attributes were under-performing, the C-Suite was able to prioritize strategic initiatives designed to improve performance. More broadly, this initiative was part of a public-facing trust campaign to address negative publicity about biased content.

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