Core Insight Refinement


A global food manufacturer client was interested in building a merchandising model for the condiment category, based on shopper preferences, that could be rapidly implemented in market.

A combination of in-store observation and intercepts was employed: we examined shopping behavior, aisle navigation and flow, including quantitative ‘Build Your Own Aisle’ exercises, and conducted a follow-up online virtual shopping survey to test the impact of new category configurations on brand and category spending, volume and shopability. We also performed comparative revenue and share analysis on the virtual shopping data to quantify the impact of aisle changes on both brand and category spending/volume.

The new ‘consumer-preferred’ category scenarios better served consumer shopper behaviors, category perceptions and preferred product adjacencies. The ‘consumer-preferred’ planograms also outperformed both current and client-preferred planograms in virtual testing, and were deployed nationally in mass and grocery.

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