Commercial Laptop Portfolio Evaluation


A technology client wanted to permit IT decision-makers (ITDM) and end users to evaluate laptop models planned for two years into the future so that the company could make necessary adjustments to ensure sales volume and customer satisfaction. The evaluation was detailed, including accurate weights, sizes, materials, colors, ports, and screens. All of this needed to be included in test models, the evaluation needed to be in person, and the research needed to be quantifiable, to get deep on rationale, and to scale globally.

Working closely with our client’s seasoned research team, we developed a hybrid, qual-quant research plan across two domestic markets and one international market. We obtained quantifiable information from over 220 respondents who saw, touched, and felt the models. We also spoke with a sub-set of evaluators to understand the deeper narrative around preferences, drivers, and purchase intent.

Insights from the research gave portfolio planners an actionable program to develop the future line of commercial devices that ITDMs want to deploy and that end users want to use in the office, on the go, and at home, across work and personal activities—all with a focus on increasing sales and profit.

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