Cannabis Chronicle: American Perception of Cannabis

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With the legality of cannabis changing so quickly across the United States, the decisions and direction taken by the cannabis industry will be hugely influential in how the industry evolves over the next several years. The ability to understand consumer perceptions, and quickly evaluate how those perceptions evolve will determine who leads and who falls behind.

In our first Cannabis Chronicle, Maru/Matchbox surveyed nearly 1,100 adults from states with legalized recreational cannabis, who are Springboard America community members to understand key perceptions about cannabis, how they compare with perceptions of other legal substances, and what the opportunities and risks are as the cannabis industry works towards growth and normalization. Some key learnings from legal-state Americans:

  • How Americans perceive Cannabis overall since legalization;
  • How Americans compare Cannabis to other substances in the areas of wellness, natural, creativity, and relief;
  • What the Cannabis industry as a whole needs to do to become a fully normalized product;
  • And more.