Canadians’ Attitudes Toward the Benefits of Physical Activity


ParticipACTION needed to evaluate and track the effectiveness of their campaigns. We have partnered with them since 2009 to conduct branding, healthy living, and advertising testing research.

Building on ParticipACTION’s years of campaign assessments, we worked together to utilize an Implicit Association Test (IAT) to evaluate the system 1 associations with several benefits of physical activity. The IAT was not executed in isolation; rather, it was incorporated into a broader campaign evaluation study. This allowed for additional metrics to be measured and layered in as needed. An online survey was conducted among a representative sample of n=1,500 Canadians.

While the research as a whole provided a clear evaluation of ParticipACTION’s media campaign to inform the marketing and communications strategy moving forward, the IAT allowed us to move beyond the typical measures. Understanding the implicit accepted benefits, a plan can be developed for messaging for future phases of the campaign and new support materials.

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