Brand Tracker


Several key retailers in the grocery space define e-commerce purchases differently, leading to inconsistencies in the way this data is received and inaccuracy in the way the information is analyzed.

A consumer goods & services client was struggling to understand the prominence and prevalence of e-commerce grocery behavior within its current data sources, and needed an ongoing monitoring of these behaviors among a nationally representative sample of primary grocery shoppers.

Consumers were given a short (8-minute), mobile-enabled tracking study to capture recent online grocery shopping behaviors across a wide array of national and regional retailers, including both delivery and click-and-collect.

Cadenced reporting trended over time, allowing our client to read e-comm grocery metrics across retailers in a consistent manner.

This program allows our client to make decisions leading to short-term impact on its relationships with individual retailers and the overall company strategy.

Make informed, impactful business decisions that move people into action