Asset Evaluation


A leading US-based confectionary client was planning to launch an established U.S. brand in Canada but with different packaging to differentiate the brand from competitors.

The brand first needed to understand any current association with its U.S. assets within the Canadian market, as well as any misattribution to key competitors.

We developed an interactive sorting exercise that minimized reliance on system 2 response; category consumers sorted various wrapper shapes, color palates, unbranded logos, and fonts for the brand and key competitors into different buckets. They were then asked to link these brand assets with the brand name they had in mind for each “bucket.”

While the American version of the product was not available in market at the time of this study, association of the brand with its U.S. logo, font, and font color was strong among Canadian confectionary consumers.

As such, the recommendation was made to maintain logo, font, and font color for the package when launching into Canada to maximize brand awareness and distinctiveness.

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