A Global Research Partner for Expedia


Expedia needed a way of effectively listening to customers worldwide, using results to strategically improve the customer experience as well as actively monitor hotel intermediaries and partners. They needed a cost-effective, flexible solution that would enable them to reach out to connect with their customers.

Using our proprietary technology, we built a post-experience feedback solution for Expedia. Powered by secure data feeds that share customer intel and booking details, timely feedback invitations in the moments immediately after their travel capture key feedback from customers on their end-to-end experience, from browsing and booking through to their actual trip. This automated, yet intelligent, approach to feedback requests ensures Expedia captures relevant, top-of-mind thoughts from customers, empowering confident decision-making.

Our large-scale global post-experience program captures 1.8 million responses annually for seven Expedia brands, across 32 markets and in 30 different languages.

We are a true partner and extension of the global Expedia team; our weekly and monthly reports guide conversations with numerous stakeholders and inform business strategies.

The scale and flexibility of the program ensure results are actively used to shape discussions with partners and affiliates, including underperforming hotels, thanks to the ability to react to granular feedback and data.


Make informed, impactful business decisions that move people into action