Go Deep-Digital Qualitative or Go Home

Brands need more from their communities – to get deep inside customers’ hearts and minds to understand not only how but also why they interact and make decisions in certain ways.

The route to this understanding is the tools today’s consumers invariably use to express themselves – their digital devices – where people share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with their communities of friends and family instantly and honestly.

It’s all about digital – taken deeper than before.

Leading brands rely on Maru/Matchbox to uncover authentic insights about their audience – quickly, scalably and cost-effectively. We pioneered the field of community-based online research. Our Qualitative Insights Group helps clients maximize the value of their communities – to see the fullest view of consumer lives and to understand why they believe and behave the way they do. Simply put, we uncover the deep-seated needs your brand can meet.

Why Maru/Matchbox Qualitative Insights?

Ongoing conversations

From your insight community – or our market communities – we’ve already started the conversation. Members are excited about giving us more depth, honesty and insight.

21st Century communication

Through online qualitative we engage with consumers via their tablets, phones and laptops. Our online methods – mobile missions, online chats and focus groups, and immersive multi-day creative diaries – let participants express themselves naturally.

Faster iterative insights

Using the industry’s most innovative and creative technology, we go deeper than traditional offline qualitative research. Our unique analytical technology uncovers insights faster.

Enhance Community Experience

Community is about dialogue. Our immersive techniques deepen yours by elevating the customer conversation. You get better insights, and your customers enjoy enhanced interactivity.

Augment your research. Contact Maru/Matchbox today

The Qualitative Insights Group’s deep methodological expertise augments Maru/Matchbox’s community insights while drawing on its sector knowledge and consultative approach. We provide qualitative insights alone or to enhance an existing community program. And we operate globally – in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.