Reputation Plus

Take control of your reputation, it’s essential to your success.

Reputation Plus

Reputation Plus uncovers what can drive your reputation forward.

Our proprietary corporate reputation and sponsorship diagnostic tool goes beyond common surface insights and what Canadians are saying about your organization.

Our holistic approach goes deep within each brands’ sector and measures:

- Awareness/familiarity to propensity to recommend or consider
- What drives your reputation and areas of challenge/opportunity
- Specific sponsorship initiatives that link back to reputation
- The attributes which are most important for your brand and sector


  • Integrated evaluation of reputation and sponsorship/citizenship activities
  • Ongoing fielding, see “point in time” changes in reputation
  • Customized metrics which align for your brand and sector
  • Weekly and quarterly reports with deep dives on what matters to you
  • Track your performance against your peers
Learn what are your optimal sponsorship initiatives which align with your brand so you have a higher ROI.