Message Filter

Test early. Test widely.

Message Filter

Have relevant comparators, and do it at the speed of business.

Message Filter. It works, for you.

Message testing is essential, but it’s often time consuming and expensive. We’ve created an ultra-efficient approach to testing claims and messages. Our approach is: more efficient, analysis is simple, yet revealing, sensitive to small differences and you can test any type of message or claim.

Our approach includes:

- Yes/no questions, which are x3 faster than scaled
- Narrowing the questions down to 7 distinct measures, which means you can test a message/claim in under 1 min
- Simple summary measure
- Yes/no measure that is at least as sensitive as the typical 5-point scale
- Mobile friendly and message agnostic


  • Test more messages, cost effectively
  • Freedom to test a wider range of messages/claims earlier in the development process
  • Create benchmarks by testing messages/claims you know worked (or failed) in the past
  • Turn results around overnight
Message Filter gives you permission to run any message or claim past your customers and prospects. This increases the odds of finding a message that will make a difference.

Message Filtering is so simple it can be fielded instantly, either on a Market Community omnibus or on an Insight Community. Results can be turned around overnight, with instant insights.

Why wonder, when you can be certain in time for the next meeting?