Mailbox Platform

Improve. Refine. Break through.

Mailbox Platform


Create efficient communications that break through the clutter and resonate with your target audience.

Mailbox simulates real world interaction and consideration by uncovering how consumer facing communications perform with detailed evaluation of the value proposition, messaging and communication levers.

How does it work?

Participants complete an online virtual exercise of sorting and stacking mail as they would at home. They can open each piece, review all pages (front/back), evaluate each piece and choose to keep or discard.


  • Break through the clutter with the greatest open rates and call to action
  • Uncover the strengths, weaknesses and enhancement opportunities for any piece of consumer-facing direct mail
  • Improve efficiencies at every stage of the communication process through higher-level insights
"In 2016, there was $149 billion spent on direct mail, with financial services and consumer packaged goods being the heaviest users."

Virtual Highlighter

We enhance the mail sort experience with a quantitative evaluation of each offer and a qualitative Virtual Highlighter–mirroring a traditional red pen/green pen exercise.

Capturing feedback on both content and creative elements, consumers review the creative included in the mail-sort exercise and indicate specific likes, followed by specific dislikes; providing reasons for why they highlighted what they did.