Instant Insights

At the speed of business

Instant Insights

Don’t allow fast paced product or marketing decisions go live without customer feedback.

In today’s world and particularly at this time of year, product and marketing initiatives tend to move rapidly, and few allow the luxury of validation among customers. Rigid deadlines constrain proper idea vetting, and continuously pose a challenge to businesses, who are often forced to make the best possible decision, with the limited information at hand. Unfortunately, this environment often produces missteps which can negatively affect your brand.

Our Instant Insights platform helps solve for these constraints. By pairing sector focused research advisors with powerful cutting-edge technology, we are capable of generating dependable, actionable insights within timeframes that were previously out of scope for traditional consumer and customer research.

Our solution offers rapid deployment of agile surveys, with access to near instant reporting of results.

Unrivaled Benefits

  • Uncover quick insights—in as little as 48 hours
  • Work with sector experts who know your business and understand its unique challenges
  • Track and react to customer & market events in a condensed timeframe
  • Access targeted, high quality respondents via our proprietary national consumer panel
Even the most urgent initiatives require customer feedback and validation. Uncover insights at the speed of business, and make decisions with confidence.

View results through a real-time online reporting tool or work with our research advisors to develop a custom summary report for your business stakeholders, and obtain invaluable timely results, in a cost-effective manner.