Improve. Refine. Breakthrough.


Create efficient emails that break through the clutter and resonate with your target audience.

Inbox simulates real world interaction with email. Measures of consideration and opening are combined with detailed evaluation of the value proposition, messaging and communication levers.

Companies spend lots of time and money on email campaigns, but often fail to break through the clutter. That’s why we created Inbox. It provides depth and accuracy in evaluating and enhancing email efforts.

How does it work?

Respondents virtually sort email, as they would in their own, personal inbox. They can open each piece and evaluate all content and choose to keep or discard.

We enhance the email sort experience with a quantitative evaluation of each offer and a qualitative Virtual Highlighter--mirroring a traditional red pen/green pen exercise.

We capture feedback on both content and creative elements. Consumers review the creative included in the email-sort exercise, and indicate specific like and dislikes; providing reasons for why they highlighted what they did.


  • Identify which pieces will deliver the greatest open rates and the most powerful call to action
  • Uncovers strengths, weaknesses and enhancement opportunities, and improves efficiencies at every stage of the communication process
Our performance index considers a combination of key measures, including open and keep rates that will help you clearly define the winner.

With our interactive technology, we aim to understand the emotional and rational response from start to finish – from initial reaction; to evaluation; to the call to action.

This quantitative solution is designed to provide more depth and accuracy in evaluating and enhancing email efforts. Ultimately we aim to enhance communications and ensure each customer or consumer-facing communication is ideal in terms of its positioning and call-to-action.