Idea Filter

Test. Refine. Test.

idea filter

Idea screening is essential, but ideas are often eliminated before testing because it is typically time consuming and expensive. Our solution is: ultra efficient, analysis is simple, yet revealing, sensitive to small differences and you can test any type of idea or concept.

Our approach includes:

- A selection question, which is twice as fast as the traditional scaled items
- You can test an idea in under 1 min
- Simple summary measure
- Binary measure that is at least as sensitive as the typical 5-point scale
- Mobile friendly and idea agnostic


  • Test more ideas, cost effectively
  • Freedom to test a wider range of ideas earlier in development
  • Create benchmarks by testing ideas you know worked (and failed) in the past
  • Turn results around overnight
With the flexibility of Idea Filter, clients have been able to test and identify ideas that make a difference. The best ideas can then be further refined and retested.

Breakthrough ideas rarely are safe ideas. They are, by definition, different. If your testing method discourages the investigation of ideas that are different or outside the norm, it has the perverse effect of reducing innovation.

By playing it safe, companies inadvertently undermine their future. This is a recipe for decline, in a world where the rule is disrupt or be disrupted.

Idea Filter works efficiently because we have stripped the evaluation down to core measures and streamlined the question-asking process by eliminating cumbersome scales that slow down and often confuse guests. The result is information that is the same as, or more sensitive than, scaled data.