Global Connect

Multi-market consumer intelligence platform

Global Connect

Harness disruption to accelerate growth & humanize insight

Global Connect, a multi-market community-based intelligence platform that fuels both global consumer insights programs and local & regional learning.

Global Connect provides consumer closeness with speed, substance and scale in over 30 global markets. Execute customized learning streams that drive fast, iterative and ongoing insights that support teams across the organization including R&D, Innovation, Marketing and Sales Strategy.

Specifically, Global Connect allows you to:

  • Engage thousands of consumers across markets in Europe, Eurasia/Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate growth
  • Better understand areas of risk
  • Identify in real-time how to engage consumers and stay at the forefront of change
  • Empower emerging market teams to engage with key targets and consumer groups
  • Support research & development and local category development teams to centralize research efforts and boost efficiencies
  • Configurable hierarchies for reporting and access control
  • Aggregate ad hoc research into one unified platform and data warehouse, allowing for advanced data mining and macro-trend analysis
  • Personalize breakthrough innovation/renovation to better anticipate the needs of specific markets with greater confidence and success
  • Manage smart spend versus traditional global research, which allows: better use of research dollars across multiple markets; improves business planning; and mixes central, regional and local budgets

Agile, iterative global learning in one unified solution

global connect

Global connect

Global Connect includes a collaborative, personalized and predictive insight platform that
leverages an integrated toolkit of quantitative, qualitative, mobile and behavioral methods.
Designed by experienced global researchers who implement diverse approaches to drive
deep consumer engagement and actionable localized insights.