Digital Shopper Intelligence Platform

Agile insights on the emerging digital CPG shopper

Digital Shopper Intelligence Platform

Imagine a world where you can...

- Keep your finger on the pulse of rapidly evolving e-commerce, direct-to-consumer and internet-connected device shopping behaviors

- Capture ongoing, iterative insights across categories, channels and shopper types

- Quickly and efficiently inform new product innovation, brand positioning and digital activation strategies

- Nurture and activate direct-to-consumer relationships

Introducing the Digital Shopper Intelligence Platform

- Engage thousands of digital shoppers in a collaborative, personalized and predictive community-based learning environment
- Leverage an integrated toolkit of quantitative, qualitative, mobile, behavioral and in-person data collection techniques
- Execute customized learning streams that drive fast, iterative and ongoing insights
- Develop a platform-based data warehouse that enables progressive consumer profiling and dynamic sampling (including direct-to-consumer transactional data)
- Delivered by advanced research teams focused on technology-accelerated storytelling


  • 24/7 on-demand engagement with consumers driving e-commerce adoption
  • Flexible qualitative, quantitative, mobile and behavioral research toolkit designed specifically for digital shopper insights
  • Direct-to-consumer transactional data integration
  • Drive foundational learning and rapid tactical digital shopper insights that strengthen retailer partnerships
A scalable solution fueling digital shopper insights, activation and leadership.

An engaging platform addressing a broad array of e-commerce business issues

Digital Shopper Intelligence Platform

Centralize digital shopper research and anticipate future trends by bringing the voice of the shopper into every retailer meeting, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.